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“We have always told our fans that we get our inspiration from the old farm scenery, nature and lifestyle of the generations on the farm before us. But that is not the whole truth. We have a great respect of our roots - knowing where we come from and who we are, but the inspiration comes from our own myssy lifestyle. That is a combination of being a proud isäntä (farmer), but being also a former professional windsurfer. Or being a proud emäntä (landlady), but also having lived and loved the city life for a decade. We love the fields, but we also need the sea and the city. And the fields, they are like the sea. So we went surfing."

Myssyfarmi is an award winning organic farm and an ambitious design company from Pöytyä, Finland.

The farm has belonged to the family since the early 19th century. The surrounding nature and the old farm scenery are a source of inspiration for our designs. Our mission is to work as a bridge between the countryside and urban areas off­ering design products of 100% traceable organic Finnsheep wool as well as organic food products.

Myssy* products are handmade in Pöytyä by myssymummot, the local grannies. We get together at knitting circles and enjoy life. Every garment has some granny wisdom knitted in it.

* The word myssy means a beanie in Finnish. We give the Myssy products a lifetime warranty.

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